You stole my heart; keep and protect it else you will see – Fella Makafui threatens Medikal

Fella Makafui and Medikal are currently having a good time in their relationship and we bet these two are not moved by what any other person thinks about them.

Several people have prophesied doom for their relationship following their conclusion that Fella stole Medikal from Sister Derby.

The two love birds are mostly seen together in recent times and in one if the numerous posts made by Fella, she stated that Medikal has stolen something from her and that he should be advised to keep and protect it else ‘he go see’.

It was quite a funny post though but could actually mean something since several people are just waiting patiently for the two to part ways; of which Fella will be the laughing stock of town so she was just sending a cool plea to him.

Meanwhile , Medikal has given Fella a promise ring to show how serious he is about her in respect to settling down together so the latter has nothing to worry about now.


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