Wiyaala to recruit, groom and sponsor young local talents in Funsi and its surrounding villages

Neola Wiyaala in an interview with eagleeyemediagh has disclosed her intention of helping the talented youths in the Northern Region through her Child Star Talent Show.

According to the Lioness, Funsi her village, is indeed growing and there has been an established annual World festival dubbed “Djimba” which portrays the culture and heritage of the Ghanaian and the people of the North.

She has maintained that, she and her team is involving all talents and surrounding villages to be part of the anual World Festival so as to discover and groom young talents to uphold the culture and the tradition of the North through music and dance.

Funsi is growing. We now have the annual Djimba World festival where we want to involve all the village and local talents. Watch the videos, parts 1 to 4. I’m proud of what we did – @wiyaala

She has also disclosed her effort of helping the young and upcoming artists in the region as she introduced the Child Star Talent Show.

One of the boys in the talent show has recorded a song with me. We’ll do a small video when I get back to Funsi. I trained the small girls for dancing. – @Wiyaala

Noella Wiyaala is Ghanaian Afro pop singer-songwriter who sings in her native Sissala and Waale dialects and English, often combining all three languages within her songs.

She has attained public renown with her single “Make Me Dance” and her androgynous image.


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