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What happened to Daniel “James Bond” Carig’s face?

So, Daniel Craig apparently is not the most classically handsome actor to ever play super spy James Bond, according to a recent, supposedly authoritative study by a plastic surgeon and reported by a British tabloid.

But fans could count on the 49-year-old 007 star having a certain craggy attractiveness, accented most of all by a sexy scowl that spoke to a romantic world-weariness.

Now, fans are asking on social media what happened to that distinctive craggy scowl after Craig turned up at the 71st British Academy Film Awards on Sunday wearing a visage that seemed strangely “plastic,” the Daily Mail reported.

While presenting the best film award at the ceremony in London, Craig, who has played James Bond since 2006’s “Casino Royale” seemed “unrecognizable” to some fans.

“Daniel Craig looks… different,” one person on Twitter remarked, while he and other fans shared plastic man memes.

BuzzFeed News UK contributor Declan Cashin added that Craig looked “fresh,” perhaps suggesting that he had received some enhancements, courtesy of some kind of aggressive cosmetic procedure, according to Hollywood Life.

Indeed, Dr. David Jack, a London cosmetic surgeon, agreed that Craig’s face looked “swollen and unnatural,” in an interview with the tabloid The Sun.

“It could be a number of different things but the most obvious would be overdoing Botox and fillers,” Jack told The Sun.

“It looks as if he’s had a high dosage of Botox in his top and lower face as well as lots of fillers. When administering Botox for men, you have to be careful not to use too much.”

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