WATCH: David Oscar releases video for new single ‘Never chat them’

Monday 16th April marks the birthday of Ghanaian Reggae Musician David Oscar, who upon crossing this milestone will release his 8th single in a row.

The song titled NEVER CHAT THEM is, according to the Musician cum Comedian “a clarion call unto one and all to pay no heed to people he describes as (Informants/Haters/Pretenders/Hypocrites), when they come with a “filla”(Info)”.

He added that, people shouldn’t be naive when dealing with individuals who happen to fall into “the descriptive bracket” above as such people only try to clip ones progress so “they” can get ahead.

He advises that “keeping it real or being a realist will not make one a lot of friends, but it will make one the right friends”.

This release comes just two months after the Musician collaborated with highly rated producer Brainy Beatz for the release of his (David Oscar’s) version of the renowned “attitude riddim”, which gave rise to the song “LIVITY”.

“Never Chat Them” is an Afro Reggae piece which encourages whiles inspiring its listeners to strive on until they gain grounds.

The song was produced by Kilo Beat and the video was directed by David Oscar for CM Promotions.


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