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VIDEO: Will Smith had awkward date with Sophia the Robot

Right off the bat, the AI robot was skeptical of the actor trying to woo her, informing him she was aware of his treatment of her kind on film.
It appears that classic Will Smith charm does not work on robots.

On Thursday, the actor posted a video to his YouTube channel of his faux date with Sophia the robot, an artificial intelligence robot able to display more than 62 facial expressions. The AI was developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and activated on April 19, 2015.

Right off the bat, Sophia was skeptical of Smith trying to woo her, informing him that she was aware of his treatment of robots on film.

“They show us I, Robot just to make sure we don’t get any ideas,” Sophia said.

In that 2004 sci-fi thriller, Smith played a cop who had to battle an army of robots that became self-aware.

“I like robots …” Smith said, trailing off.

Smith’s game was also slowed when Sophia told him she wasn’t a fan of his music.

“I have heard your songs. Not for me,” she said.

Finally, Smith decided to roll the dice and go in for a kiss — it didn’t pan out.

“I think we can be friends. Let’s hang out and get to know each other for a little while,” Sophia said. “You’re on my friends list now,” she added to a dejected Smith.

At the end of the faux date, Smith gave a little more insight into Sophia.

“She’s a learning artificial intelligence, but she wouldn’t kiss me, so there’s probably some development flaws they need to work on,” he quipped. “But, we’ll meet again, Sophia.”

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