The Untold Story of Ghana’s Very Youngest Multi-Billionaire – Ibrah

Ranging from luxurious exotic Ferraris, Porsches and Bentleys down to off road robust Mercedes Benz G-wagon to the Audi R8’s, you name it and Ibrah has it parked in a compound either here in Ghana or in one of his numerous Mansions around the world. At age 32 Ibrah as he is popularly known is the richest and youngest Self-Made man in the country, with a net worth pegged in excess of $50 million USD.

Ibrah has proven beyond reasonable doubt that one can stay here in this country and still succeed through hard work, the right contacts and determination.


His entrepreneurial journey started at the tender age of 11 while assisted his father run his foreign currency exchange business in the capital, Accra. “It was a business that involved numbers and requires a very sharp brain to succeed” Ibrah recalled. The unpredictability and volatility of the currency business market has made it a very slippery and dicey one to succeed at, thus lots of people engaged in this business have either lost all their operating capital or are struggling to stay afloat.

Ibrah however has a different tale as he has been blessed with a rare timing ability coupled with his over 2 decades experience in the market. This gives him the edge to always stay ahead of the curve by taking the right decisions on buying and selling of foreign currencies. He has over 100 staff working directly and indirectly under him at his offices in Ghana with over 400 more running his networks across Nigeria, Togo, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote devoir, Europe and the USA. This wide range of network and contacts has made him one of the major currency trading players on the African continent.

The other major investment arm is his real estate holding company which specializes in building luxurious family homes across the country and abroad, with over 200 completed residential homes ready for sale/lease or rent and another 240 more at various completion stages of construction. His belief and enthusiasm with technology has him investing heavily in shares of world class blue chip tech giants, notable among his investment portfolios are shares of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Uber and Google.

Ibrah is a popular philanthropist in the country and has paid his dues in full by giving back to the society through the Ibrah Foundation. The most recent social intervention was the $25,000 donation to young Jacqueline Owusu who needed a surgery procedure in India to correct a genetic disorder caused by the mutation in her SLC12A3 which causes her body parts to swell.

The launch of the Ibrah Venture Capital due in November 2018 is one project that excites Mr. Ibrah. This initiative gives the opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs or start-up business owners to send their business proposals to Mr. Ibrah for consideration in order to raise capital in exchange of stakes in their business or ideas. Thus any budding entrepreneur with brilliant and feasible idea is welcome to present and defend in order to receive financing.

Nonetheless if you want to change your foreign currency (dollars/euros/pounds etc.) into the local currency or vice versa at an exceptionally good rate, or seeking facilitation to transfer funds from abroad, just contact one of Ibrah’s offices for genuine and professional transaction.


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