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TS-LIFE™ Ghana/ Africa’s Pre-Registration Finally Slated For March 1st

Your dream of becoming pioneer in a new network marketing company is here. Join the network marketing company ready to pay your compensation bonus in pounds. Join TS-life now and enjoy forever.

This is a very short post to alert our readers of a New and Exciting MLM Affiliate Program. 

What Is Ts-Life? We are very limited in what information we can give out prior to Launch date but we know for sure the Pre-Registration is coming up live in just 3 days away, this is Ghana Launch and people from all over Africa can register their interest, ahead of the Launch.

This is big news as this will give Ghana a Huge Lead in getting in first in this amazing market.

TS-Life simply means Team Strong Life. TS-Life is only 5 months 12 days old globally today It started in UK and Ireland on 1st September, 2018 last year

The countries TS-Life is in now are…

1. UK

2. Ireland

3. USA

4. Mexico

5. Spain

6. Ghana (March 1st)


TS LIFE, is a unique Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing company.
It has the best compensation plan to help everyone who is recruited into the company, financially independent.

Caius Hale is a CEO/Founder of TS-Life I can get behind.

Most MLM Ceo’s are akin to slick cult leaders with perfect smiles and over the top enthusiasm. From what I have seen, Caius Hale is down to earth and honest. I have personally engaged in a video call with him, he seems like a good guy. That counts for something, in my opinion.

Caius Hale

Caius Hale is a millennial leader in the UK who is building an international team by “serving the underdog” meaning people like him who do not fit anywhere else.

He joined a US based wellness company a year ago, reached 6 figures nine months later, and is well on his way to become a 6 figure monthly earner with a mission.

His vision is to gather all those who did not fit into life’s norms and bring them with him to a place where we all win.

Ghana and Africa at large are lucky to be having this unprecedented launch because there is a Ghanaian who is closer to the CEO and the board of directors and hails from the lineage of J.B Danquah one of the founding fathers of Ghana.

His name is His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Dukes Danquah IV.

His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Dukes Danquah IV

He is the one leading TS-Life to Ghana through one Dr. Angel Opoku Clement who is also a Ghanaian trained in Ukraine.

Dr. Angel Opoku Clement

Once TS-Life is launched in Ghana, it will extend to the other African countries where recruitment can also be done from those countries.

This tell how Ghana is privileged to be part of this company at its formation stage and all “early birds” become the PIONEERS of this company in Africa.

TS-Life ~ Strong by Nature!

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