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Treat women the way they want to be treated – Efya

Renowned songstress Efya Awindor has debunked allegations that she is spiting society for not celebrating women enough with her latest song, ‘Whoman Woman’.

She refuted that assertion, saying that the ‘beautiful’ song is just to celebrate and appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of womanhood while it also entreats listeners to “treat women the way they want to be treated.

Efya, who was speaking in an interview with NEWS-ONE on Monday, added that society celebrates women in different ways and she is quite aware of that.

It’s not really that society does not celebrate women enough. I am sure there are a lot of things that individuals do to celebrate the women in their lives. But I can’t talk much for the society but I know as Ghanaians, we celebrate our women. Mostly Africans, I feel we do celebrate the women in lives, especially our mothers. You know considering the affection that they give us, growing up, taking us to school, the lessons we learn and so on. I mean I am not considering like relationship wise, that’s a different thing all together,” she said on Monday.

The award-winning songstress’s new song was released in March 2018. Recorded in Houston USA, it is produced by Demsa and inspired by an old song by Nigeria musician Lagbaja.

The song mainly empowers women; painting the woman as a strong pillar of the world while urging others to respect her.

The whole thing behind ‘Whoman Woman’ is actually where ‘Whoman’ is mankind and the fact that the origin of mankind is the woman and the fact that she is the one that creates both men and women. You know we come from a woman. The fact that she is the one and only person who can do that makes her an extraordinary human being and considering that, that’s what the song is about,” she said. .

It is about let’s celebrate where we come from…let’s celebrate our origin and in life everybody comes from a woman. So I think that is what it basically being driven at… and where will mankind be without the woman, knowing that she is the original source of man. And that we should take care of our women because they are the ones who make us. You can’t live a life that you don’t have. How can you live a life if you are not born? Who is going to born? It is a woman. She has to bear a child so let’s treat where we come from the way we want to be treated,” she added.

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