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Travel to these Countries with ‘VISA-FREE’ if you are a Ghanaian

Traveling and tourism is not a taboo subject for Ghanaians, we take it as a necessary part of life and we need it to happen because we take pleasure in traveling and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. For me, I love traveling and I do so as much as I can if time permits. So if I tell you there are Visa-free Countries for Ghanaians, would you believe it?

How many times have you traveled in your lifetime? I can bet you can’t answer because you think traveling is expensive. Well, it can be expensive if you don’t know how to plan. Especially on how you can book cheap flights and how you can book cheap travel accommodations. Maybe you are thinking about how to get a visa, which is pretty expensive. And if you’ve been planning to travel, do you know that there are visa-free countries for Ghanaians?

What You Should Know

Many Ghanaians have already traveled outside the country, and more intend to travel despite the current economic and political challenges within the country. And if you are traveling to stay and work in any of these visa-free countries, then you have to get a visa. There are boundaries or terms and conditions even though it is free to travel there. 

But some people want to travel for pleasure or fun. They don’t intend to stay, just for vacation or some period. With that, you can browse through these visa-free countries for Ghanaians and start a new travel bucket list.

Here are the following countries that Ghanaians can travel any time they want to without a visa. 

Below is the updated list of visa-free countries for Ghanaian citizens

Visa-free countries for Ghanaians

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Indonesia
  3. Philippines
  4. Singapore
  5. Benin
  6. Burkina Faso
  7. Cape Verde Islands
  8. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  9. Eswatini (Swaziland)
  10. Gambia
  11. Guinea
  12. Guinea-Bissau
  13. Kenya
  14. Liberia
  15. Mali
  16. Mauritius
  17. Niger
  18. Nigeria
  19. Rwanda
  20. Senegal
  21. Sierra Leone
  22. Tanzania
  23. Uganda
  24. Togo
  25. Zimbabwe
  26. Cook Islands
  27. Fiji
  28. Micronesia
  29. Niue
  30. Vanuatu
  31. Barbados
  32. British Virgin Islands
  33. Dominica
  34. Grenada
  35. Haiti
  36. Jamaica
  37. Montserrat
  38. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  39. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  40. Trinidad and Tobago
  41. Belize
  42. Guyana

Visa on Arrival countries for Ghanaians

  1. Cambodia
  2. Mauritania
  3. Mozambique
  4. Zambia
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Madagascar
  7. Somalia
  8. Maldives
  9. Nicaragua
  10. Palau
  11. Saint Lucia
  12. Timor-Leste
  13. Tuvalu
  14. Macau
  15. Bolivia
  16. Comoros
  17. Seychelles
  18. Samoa

Electronic Entry Visa Required

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Bahrain
  3. Cambodia
  4. Djibouti
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Gabon
  7. India
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Lesotho
  10. Myanmar
  11. Pakistan

Everything You Need To Know Before Traveling To A Visa-Free Country

Sometimes free doesn’t mean 100%. There are still boundaries or terms and conditions. So you can’t just pick your bag, passport, and travel to a visa-free country. There are rules and laws you need to know first before planning a trip to a visa-free country.

Now holders of Ghanaian passports can travel to over 60 countries worldwide without visas. And this is a great chance for Ghanaians to explore other countries and learn new things

Even though it is free but people still get deported when traveling to these visa-free countries because they assume that free means free and therefore go anyhow without proper arrangement or plan. Well, it is not so, and you still need proper arrangements or plans before you can visit any of these countries.

Here are some of the things you need to know before traveling to a visa-free country.

1.Prepare for interview

In an ironic twist of fate, having visa-free access to a country usually doesn’t ease entry into the country. Every country assesses the eligibility of visitors on a case-by-case basis, and they still sometimes interview you. They want to make sure and also know your reason for visiting. So you should be prepared for an interview. When most people here visa-free countries for Ghanaians they may think you can just go like traveling from one city to the other. There are a lot you should get ready to meet

Deportation from Singapore has reduced in recent years. It got to a time where you are still required to hold a Letter of Introduction (Kind of Invitation Letter) before granting entry into Singapore. Today, almost everyone is allowed entry.

2.Check Period of stay permitted

We all had that awkward conversation with our landlord or landlady when we broke our lease. “Sorry, we’re moving out,” we would say as we packed the boxes, and we would bow our heads in shame. But our shame wasn’t warranted.
Why? Because we didn’t follow the correct procedure. The same thing applies to staying in visa-free countries. There is a staying limit.

Most importantly, check the maximum period of stay allowed. While some allow a maximum stay of 90 days, others allow only 30. If you intend to stay longer, make sure you’ve confirmed the maximum number of days allowed to stay.

3.Yellow Fever Card

Most countries require that you hold a Yellow Fever Vaccination card. Lucky enough for Ghanaians, we are forced at the Kotoka International Airport to carry one to all destinations.

4.Return Ticket

If you don’t have a return ticket, most countries assume you are going to stay for long and maybe you will not return. The possibility that you will be deported is very high if you don’t have a return ticket.

5.Have Some Cash On You

You’ve booked your flights, you’ve bought your travel insurance, you’ve even booked your apartments and worked out how you’re going to spend your days between exploring. And you still don’t have cash on you? Then what are your intentions? To find a job and stay? They will defiantly deport you back to Ghana. You will need some money or fund on you that will show you are going to spend through your entire stay.

6.Book Accommodation In Advance

They might not allow you entry if you have no idea where you doing to stay. It is best to book your accommodation in advance and also have your booking confirmation with you.

7.Tourist Voucher

If where you are visiting requires that you hold a tourist voucher, get it. It will save you from a lot of questions.

Now You Can Travel

These are all the visa-free countries for Ghanaians and everything you need to know. Share your point in the comment.

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