The HipHop Icon Kobby Major Set To Release A Groundbreaking EP Project Soon

PRKB’s Kobby Major, one of the leading HipHop Artistes in the Western Region is set to release a 6-track project titled #TrueSchoolEP in November, 2019.

The project will be his third solo project after I-Kobby and The Unorthodox Tape, and as usual this project would send many tongues craving for more HipHop throughout their lifetime.

Judging from the success of his previous solo projects, the award-winning HipHop/ HipLife artist promises fans nothing but top notch quality, creativity, lyricism and awesome HipHop tune which will be loved by all.

Expect nothing but a blast of Great Sounds from the true Hiphop icon, Kobby Major.

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