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The Good People of Ghana Embarked on #NoCallsDay to Boycott Mobile Phone Calls

The concerned mobile network subscribers in Ghana has declared Tuesday “No Calls Day” in protest at a government directive to re-register all SIM cards in the country.

They argue that the directive is illegal. 

The group has so far collected more than 7,000 signatures online as part of the campaign to boycott mobile phone calls.

It is urging Ghanaians not to make or receive calls between 06:00 and 12:00 local time.

They are demanding that the government amends the existing law and introduce an innovative method of re-registration to avoid challenges at registration centres. 

The exercise started in October last year and is synching details of the Ghana Card – a national ID card – with the details used to register SIM cards, in the name of fighting crime.

The registration exercise which ends in March is characterised by a system failure, chaos, and long queues at some registration centres. 

That’s because those who fail to register their SIM cards will be unable to make, receive calls, or even text.

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