The first ever ‘Party In The Bus’ to be organized by Pleasure Island in the Western Region

A Party in the Bus is the most fun party experience one can ever asked for, it’s where a large bus usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry more people for recreational purposes and the main aim is to have fun on the go.

Pleasure Island being the brains behind this event are a group of young vibrant people in the Western Region of Ghana, who aim at helping and championing the course of making their society a fun place to be.

 This is the first of it kind in the Region, A “Party bus”.

The Party starts inside the bus and will set off to a coded location out side Takoradi ,

where there will be swimming, free lunch and drinks 

Then Later move back to Tadi in the evening and end the day in a club inside Tadi…it’s a fun packed trip…

You can contact 0265205833/ 0203665524 to be added to the group or join the trip.


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