#TECHVIBES: Growing number of iPhone X users unable to accept calls, Apple investigating

The Financial Times today highlights an issue purportedly plaguing a growing number of iPhone X users.

The report explains that some users are unable to answer phone calls with their iPhone X because the display does not wake up while the phone is ringing, thus meaning they can’t access the accept and decline buttons…

The report cites a growing number of complaints on Apple’s support forums. Since December, hundreds of iPhone X users have taken to the support forums trying to fix this issue.

“Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtones start but the display comes in after 6-8 seconds,” a user writes.

At this point, it’s unclear if the issue is software or hardware related. The Financial Times reached out to Apple about the issue and the company reportedly stated it is “looking into these reports” but didn’t offer any insight as to what was causing the problem or when it might be fixed.


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