#SPORTVIBES: Lionel Messi makes young fan’s dream come true after security dragged him away

Lionel Messi made a late signing in the transfer window – but not the one Barcelona fans might have been hoping for.

Upon arriving at a Montevideo hotel with the Argentina national football team, the attacker took time out to greet a young fan who was initially ushered away by security after breaking through a cordon.
The 30-year-old has yet to pen a contract extension with the Camp Nou side, despite his contract being up in 2018.

Nevertheless, he took time out to make a boy’s dream come true when he ordered his security to usher the kid, who had been carried away crying, back to him. He then spent several seconds chatting to the star-struck youngster before sending him on his way again.

It is the second time this week that a football superstar has been spotted making such a gesture, with Gareth Bale doing likewise with a Wales fan previously.


Watch the incident here


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