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Social media users ‘roast’ Moesha Boduong over her CNN interview

Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong has incurred the wrath of many social media users after her recent interview with Cable News Network’s Christiane Amanpour about being a mistress in Ghana.

According to the actress who was speaking on CNN’s ‘Sex and Love around the world’, revealed that Ghana’s economy was such that it was almost impossible to earn enough as a woman.

Ghanaians on social media are running amok over the actress’ comments with the view that it was not the true representation of the lives of many Ghanaian women who are putting in an effort to better their lives.

The social media users have indicated that the actress who is reported to have graduated from the university, should not have generalized her comments to encompass all Ghanaian ladies.

However, some social media users have sided with the actress and concluded that she was speaking the truth since many unemployed young ladies appear to be in the habit of ‘selling their bodies’ to survive.

Not too long ago, Moesha announced that she was going to appear on an international news network, CNN. It was however not clear the purpose of the appearance.

However, the video with the international journalist which has gone viral seems to be attracting backlash for the actress.

Here are some of the reactions on social media in response to Moesha’s interview:

Naa appears to be dumbfounded by the actress’ way of reasoning

Sharkels was of the view that it was a clear case of ‘Beauty without brains’

As for Kwesi, he said that was typical Moesha

Positive Energy Only@FatimaDerby

I really hope this Moesha interview won’t end at a self-righteous rant but make us have honest conversations about how hard it is for women to get a job/promotion/pay raise on merit & also truthfully engage the statistics on how women have higher poverty and unemployment rates .


🐺 Efo Dela 🐐


Eish, Moesha…

Man, I wouldn’t have complained if I had a sugar momma who wanted to sleep with me to help me pay my first two years advance rent in Accra.

I still remember the pain I went through emptying my account. 😢



Being a female not just in Ghana but Africa is difficult.

And yes u may claim that she generalizing it is outrageous but truth be told she’s actually speaking for 80-90% of the Ghanaian female population. So don’t bring ur 10% to coman accuse her of downgrading hardworking women


Mention 20 succesful females in Ghana who made it without being sexualized and i will leave u to criticize Moesha.

The same guys who would use money n cars to lure multiple women are d same ones coming here to shout ‘hardworking’

Masa fa w’as3m fri ho


Israel Laryea


The suggestion by actress, Moesha Boduong, in this interview with @CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour) that women in Ghana cannot survive unless they depend on a male “sponsor” appears to have caused quite an outrage. Her followers on IG have been particularly harsh. pic.twitter.com/G3Gcy5khN9


Edem Kumodzi@edemkumodzi

To be fair, the economy Moesha was talking about to defend her choices is what also pushed boys into doing 419, mobile money frauds and tonaton scams. There are hardworking men and women everywhere in Ghana. But let’s not pretend like what she said isn’t happening.



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