SO SAD: 21-Year-Old Ghanaian Lady Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Leaked Her S3X Videos

A trending report we have obtained from indicate that a young Ghanaian woman has killed herself because her boyfriend decided to blackmail her by leaking her nude photos when they broke up.

Here’s the full report from the online portal;

Reports circulating on social media have it that a 21-year-old pretty Ghanaian lady, Milton Whamper has committed suicide over the leaked of her naked photos masterminded by her ex-boyfriend.

According to reports, pretty and calm Milton Whamper who was in a relationship in a fraud boy (sakawa) decided to dump him and move on with her life since she wasn’t comfortable with his fraudulent activities.

All efforts by this fraud boy to convince Milton to rescind her decision proved futile and to pay her back for jilting him, started sharing her naked photos and videos through Milton’s own Facebook inbox since he had her password.

Milton after realising what her ex-boyfriend had done, posted on Facebook stating clearly that she is not the one sending her own nude photos and videos but as usual, social media never gave a hoot about her and kept trolling her.

Unable to stand the embarrassment, Milton sadly took her own life on Monday dawn, January 28, 2019.

It’s time youngsters learn to have sex without recording or send nudes to their boyfriends in the name of love.


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