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It Seems Drake Dropped 2 New Songs Without Warning LoL

Christmas has come 11 months early as Drake surprised fans with the gift of two BRAND NEW songs on Jan. 20.

Check out the songs (God’s Plan & Diplomatic Immunity) below:


On a night when the U.S. government shut down over a stopgap spending bill, Drake, the titles to both songs, and Scary Hours had half of the top ten most trending topics on Twitter.

Here’s a sampling of fans excited responses:

Drake dropped two absolute bangers tonight. He’s better than your favorite artist and that’s that.

Drake drops “Diplomatic Immunity” and the government shuts down! Even the government is on his payroll. Best marketing I’ve ever seen. Wow

It’s a warm Friday night in the middle of January, the government shut down, and Drake just dropped new music
What a time to be alive

When it’s midnight (EST) and the government is shutdown but you also now have two new Drake songs to listen to

#teamKuulvibes, what do you think of Drake’s new songs? Which one is your favorite?

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