Samini likes ladies with big a*s – Stephanie Benson leaks information

Screen goddess Stephanie Benson has revealed she has nothing to do with musician Samini.

In an interview with SVTV Africa Stephanie explained that Samini is a man who has interest in voluptuous ladies, a category she is no where near.

“I’m not the type of lady Samini would have interest in, he’s a man who likes big breasts and buttocks and I stand no where near to that” Stephanie Benson stated

Some intimate pictures of the two surfaced on social media with people speculating that the two were engaged in something more than work but the 50-year-old singer disclosed that they were professional and nothing apart from work happened.

“In the music video Give me one more where we kissed we were just on the acting field and we had to kiss to make music lovers feel it’s reality” -Stephanie added

Stephanie described Samini as a professional adding that she will never cheat on her husband who has been the only man she has dated since she was nineteen.


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