Salaries in Ghana’s tech space woeful – Edem Kumodzi

Ghanaian Software Engineer and Senior Consultant at Andela Edem Kumodzi, has cautioned that the poor salary structure within Ghana’s technology space is driving skilled software engineers to other markets in search of better conditions.

Speaking on Ghana’s leading technology literacy radio show, Citi Trends, Edem Kumodzi noted, “I have to admit that the Ghanaian tech space, in particular, hasn’t been very good at compensating fairly software engineers. This argument we had a lot of times on social media and some people disagree with me, and I still think we are not compensated enough.”

“There are many reasons Ghanaian software companies offer what they give; they say the market is too small, so the products you are building are not making enough money to pay software engineers well enough.”

“But I have also seen quite a number of companies that have really done well but still just don’t pay software engineers what they are worth,” he added.

“Long gone are the days when companies had brilliant tech talents who weren’t exposed to opportunities, but now because of Linkedin, Twitter and other communities it is very easy for the recruiter to identify top talents.”

Edem Kumodzi on getting into tech

He also advised individuals who are looking at switching careers or getting into the tech ecosystem not to give up their current work as it takes a bit of time and passion to get to the point where one understands the space and can earn a living from it.

He noted that it was worth looking at external options, including companies that are willing to hire remote workers.

He argued that once you start putting yourself on the global market, the standard rate you are going to charge will be much higher as you are competing with other people in other markets that have a history of paying much better wages than Ghanaian companies do.

Edem Kumodzi saidt there are other opportunities in the tech space aside software engineering, and thus advised art enthusiasts to pursue a career in user experience design.

Individuals interested in event planning, he added, could consider a role in product management.

He debunked assertions that one needs a degree in computer science to pursue a career in the sector, insisting instead that curiosity and a passion for solving problems are more key.

By: Yaw Antwi Owusu | | Ghana


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