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REMEMBERING C.K. MANN: 10 best C.K. Mann songs of all time

The master instrumentalist and vocalist, who is known for bringing Funky Highlife to life, has contributed immensely to the music industry.

He originally hailed from Moses Kweku Oppong’s band Kakaiku in the 1960s. In the ’70s, Mann left Oppong and began his own band, Carousel Seven (7), in which he began composing his own songs and holding a basic Osode beat with a solo guitar.

The outcome of this combination was a mildly melancholy sound which was quite popular on Ghana’s West Coast market.

He is also known for discovering late Highlife legend Paapa Yankson and collaborated with him on several of his early hit singles and albums.

Let us walk you through 10 of the best records we’ve heard from C.K. Mann…Enjoy!!!

1. “Asafo Beesuon”


2. “Araba Lucy”


3. “Medo Wo”


4. “Fa Wokoma Mame”


5. “Nyimpa Rebre”


6. “Mawerekyekyere”


7. “Mber Odzi Nsakyer”


8. “Womma Mindzi Magoro”


9. “Okuan Tsentsen Awar”


10. “Medze Meho Bema Nyame”

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