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Pretty Legon Girl Captured In #SnapchatLeaks Threatens To Commit Suicide

A very beautiful student of the University of Ghana, Legon, Princess Ama Burland, whose alleged sex tape was leaked by Snapchat blogger, Fatpu$$y aka Karma is a bitch, has threatened to take her life.

Princess Ama Burland revealed on Twitter that although she’s not the one in the said video, the issue has affected her gravely because she does not know how to explain to family her friends.

The level 300 student also rendered an unqualified apology to her family and boyfriend for any embarrassment the alleged sex tape has caused.

She indicated that her future is messed up now and ending her life is her immediate option.

She wrote, “I don’t know what’s going on. And I won’t pretend it hasn’t gotten to me. I wouldn’t know how to prove to anyone that, that video isn’t me. I want to apologize to my family and my boyfriend for any embarrassment this has caused. I’m always getting into some kind of mess. And this is the height of it. My future is messed up now and my life has ended I don’t know how ‘Il go to class. I don’t know how l’lI fix all of this and 1 cannot rewind time. And I’m also sorry to all those that texted to say they look up to me. Im sorry. But I don’t know how I can go on carry. I can’t do this.

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