Plus size women can rock bikini too – Tracey Boakye proves that in new video

Kumawood Actress Tracey Boakye has mastered her craft well and knows when and where to get Ghanaians talking.

In a recent photo, she shared on social media, the heavily loaded actress showed off her big boobs and ‘tundra’ in her newly acquired pink bikini as she went swimming with a friend.

Tracey Boakye & friend

The photo and video have got many mouths ranting on social media and as expected, Ghanaian men are also expressing their feelings to her.

Yes, Tracey Boakye got what she wanted which is getting people talk about her brand but one thing which many want to know is the man she is hiding.

She captioned the photos on Instagram as; “Aaaawww, my King is getting jealous, don’t worry babe, I’m all yours”.

Just recently the actress was quoted to have said in an interview that, if she gives any of her exes a chance to come back, none of them would say no.

Tracey Boakye launched her own talk show recently and so far has interviewed a hot of Kumawood celebrities including Kwaku Manu and Eunice Awuni

The show is to be concentrated on discussions about life issues, travel experiences, celebrity gossips- the good, the bad and the terrible- with world-wide purview, but particularly Ghana

The actress who is very fluent in both English and Twi said the show will be bilingual in nature to cater for those who speak Twi while also reaching out to the English-speaking audience.

Tracey Boakye has featured in a number of Kumawood movies including, but not limited to Vera, Devil Between My Legs among others.


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