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PHOTOS: Lady Marries Same Man She Attended His Wedding As A Bridesmaid

In a viral photo circulating, a lady who was a bridesmaid to her friend in 2015 has suddenly become the wife of the same man in 2019.

Although we can’t conclude on the reason why the man left his wife, but it seems there’s more in the core of the matter.

According to a Facebook user, the fault isn’t from the bridesmaid as he tried to give the possible cause of this situation, calling on people not to judge the bridesmaid.

He wrote, “You people dont know the full story so dont judge. The guys name is Tom and the lady is Pearl. Her freind is Lea.

The got married in April 2015. Tom was a top banking executive and Pearl was a house wife. Fast forward to 2016, he lost his job and she had to cater for the family whilst he looked for another job. that’s when the problems started.

Pearl got involved with this rich old man who decided to help her when their finances got really bad. The rich old man set up an business for her and even promised to take her abroad to marry her secretly. All this while Lea was advising to stick to Tom.

Finally the old dude took her abroad to start her new life. She abondoned her 18 months old kid and Tom. Devasted by the betrayal, Lea decided to help him take care of the kid and supported him to start his own business.

In 2018, he won a huge contract to supply textbooks to about 100 schools. He proposed to Lea and they got married in 2019.

I just made this story up BTW.

But see how easy it is to change your perspective when you see the other side of the story? 
Dont be quick to judge someone without knowing the full facts or both sides of the story”

See photo here:

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