PHOTOS: Ghanaian inventor just introduced an ultra-modern wedding carriage with wifi

The youth of today are thinking outside the box just to make life simpler for the world and one of such persons is Sampson Appiah, a first-year student from Ghana Telecom University.

Mr. Appiah, founder of Linkme has manufactured a carriage with wifi connections and camera for live streaming. The machine which is one of its kind in Ghana has received a great review after they were put public.

The carriage can be hired for weddings, parties, music video shoots, movies, and any other engagement.

I’m sure you would need this ultra-modern and beautiful carriage one of these days or for a friend/relative so you need their contact. You can reach Sampson, CEO of Linkme on 0249616299 for the carriage.

Sampson Appiah is an IT expert who studied Micro Computer Technology at NCR Computer Institute, an international organization which installs ATM machines.

The man who is in his early thirties continued to Regent University where he studies Open Source Technology and currently at Ghana Telecom University in Accra.


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