PHOTOS: Baby Blanche ‘Caught’ Smooching with a Blogger In his Car with No Panties

Celebrity blogger Felix Adomako Mensah, known professionally as Zionfelix has been captured on images that have gone viral on social media kissing Ghanaian actress, Baby Blanche.

Both were seen passionately kissing during one of the episodes of the blogger’s Celebrity Ride where he gets up close with Ghanaian celebrities and digs deep into their lives.

It is not known if both are dating or have had an amorous sexual relationship in time past but what is certain is that the romantic kiss could pass for a groom having a go on the lips of his bride at a wedding after the officiating pastor just announce “You May Now Kiss The Bride”.

The question many are however asking is at what point in the interview did it turn this romantic and what question could have triggered kiss with Baby Blanche who once disclosed the that she does not wear panties.

We can’t tell if she’s wearing panties or not but she probably isn’t so, only God knows where they went next from there.


Check out photos below…

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Panties or NO Panties?


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