Patapaa tongue-twists as Shatta Wale features him on a song

His song, ‘One Corner’ went viral, making him one of the most popular artistes in the country last year.

In fact, the song went outside the borders of Ghana thanks to the crazy, sensual dance which accompanied it.

Fast forward to this year – he was ‘mocked’ for his effort on the ‘Akwaaba’ song as a section of the public labelled him as a ‘wack’ emcee following his repetitive ‘olalee’ line.

‘Olalee, olalee, olalee, Ooalee, ashe wo eee, ashe wo eee, wobete bom, pat-pat-kelenken’ he sang.

Well, it appears Patapaa is poised to change the narrative as he has changed his style. He’s teamed up with Shatta Wale, Feli Nuna, Quabena King and Riddim Boss on ‘Bodyfibody’.

Oh, yes! He has more to offer.

Guess what? He tongue twisted!


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