Parliament Approves Funds for the Rehabilitation Of Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital and a New Hospital at Agona Nkwanta

The Ghanaian Parliament has approved a sum of €214, 388,582 term loan facility for the rehabilitation of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital.

The Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital according to the managers of the facility has outlived its purpose and requires major facelift.

The 82 year old facility, was a military camp back then in the early 90s, but was converted into a hospital in 1938, 10 years after the Takoradi Market Circle was constructed. The facility now faces challenges including non-functional theatres, broken down equipment such as theatre air conditioners, lack of conference rooms for managerial use, lack of space for expansion, old doctors quarters, lack of specialist doctors to care for patients among others.

Managers of the hospital believe the facility has not been able to obtain the Teaching Hospital status that different directors of the facility have ‘fought’ for, due to the present shape and form of it.

Part of the loan will also be used to construct a new Truama and Orthopedics Hospital at Agona Nkwanta in the Ahanta West Municipality, where a land has already been secured to offer specialist services.

The loan is to upgrade Effia Nkwanta into a teaching hospital.
Also, the designated location for the New regional hospital is Agona Nkwanta and is currently under construction at the same location as the trauma department which was started by the coastal development authority

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