Pappy Kojo flaunts his smoking habit on social media and people can’t stop talking about it!

It is not unlawful for adults to smoke cigarettes in Ghana, and rapper Pappy Kojo seems to want to show to everybody that he can’t do without it.

The ‘Akwaba’ crooner has been displaying his cigarette-smoking habit to his followers on social media, some of whom are teenagers.

On Tuesday, he shared a photo of himself on Instagram taking a puff on a cigarette to the surprise of many industry players and fans, who are oblivious of that aspect of him.

This has raised a lot of concerns about whether he could be influencing young people who follow him. The rapper’s followers are mostly schoolchildren and the new photo on Instagram is feared would influence them to emulate him.

This is not the first time Pappy is flaunting his cigarette-smoking bahaviour on social media.

On March 12, he shared a similar photo but covered his face while he stylishly showcased the cigarette in his hand.

It’s an open secret that some players in Ghana’s entertainment industry smoke. But majority of them keep it private except Pappy Kojo, who has no qualms displaying his on social media.


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