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Our politicians have failed us – Sarkodie Slams

Ghana’s most decorated rapper of all time Sarkodie has added his voice to the unending debate as to why Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources but plagued by poverty.

In the words of the rapper who sounded disappointed, politicians have failed the nation, Ghana. They never tell the truth and play down on the people’s intelligence.

Therefore, it’s high time the youth take their destiny into their own hands and struggle to make life worth living for themselves for the politicians cannot be trusted.

Sarkodie shared his sentiment via social media particularly Facebook moments ago that;

“The new generation should start researching and change our “brainwashed” thinking on politics or else Africa will stay way back until the end of time …

“The western world knows our weakness and they ride on that … We are never a threat to them but we got all it takes

We don’t love our continent as we always claim … it’s evident through our decisions and actions

Me and you will never b able to enjoy the “well developed Africa” which is a sacrifice we have to make for generations to come but we’ve been programmed to live for the moment

All we doing is stunting on our selves.Then the spirit of entitlement sets in … but not willing to work for it.

Until we have the leadership we’ve been waiting for … “the youth” let’s make the best out of the little we have let’s not be distracted

We have a big task on us “The Youth”Let’s go back to the days of dreams !!! The ones that seemed impossible …

They have been using the ????to keep us beneath just cos we love the safety of been given the ???? than been given the opportunity to learn how to make the ????.”

See his post below:

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