OMG!!! Wizkid Flaunts His $1.2Million Wristwatch

Star boy Wizkid has just taken to his snapchat account to flaunt a $1.2million wristwatch, its unclear who owns the watch, but it’s definitely his! 

see some reactions from fans below;

Chidon YD Just imagine were he makes 438 million Nigerians millionaires there will be joy in heaven,…human investment is the best, God bless me to bless others
Odezulu Lilian-Ben You would have used it to make 20 people millionaires for life or probably feed a community for one month.
It would have been better than wearing 435mil on your wrist

Arinze Raphael Ezike Gone are those days when you see cows and you hear children singing efi nama namanama congo, okwa gi Na Cho mu okwu. Onye Hausa get away, Onye igbo come back … tryam now, bodi go tell u..

Zeegurl Nwaoha Damn gossip mill can lie for Africa! For him to buy such Watch dat means he worths billions in his account, which is not possible… I wonder who owns this blog bcos what i see here sometimes baffles me to the extent dat I begin to wonder if the owner of this blog is mentally ill!!
Eghianruwa Victor I really don’t believe this blogger and celebrities, you people’s should lie and remain for upcoming celebrities, meanwhile that is not worth more than 50m naira


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