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#ObinimStickerChallenge trending on social media

The Obinim Sticker Challenge is trending on Social media and some Ghanaians have jumped on the challenge to share hilarious testimonies of the ‘infamous’ Obinim sticker.

So what’s this Obinim Stickers all about?

Some audios were trending on Whatsapp, and in the audio, some members of the church were giving testimonies about the wonders the Obinim stickers have done for them. Some of the testimonies were ridiculous, which explains why some Ghanaians have jumped unto to what we’ve come to know as the #ObinimStickerChallenge.

See some of the Obinim Sticker Challenges below:

L E G A C Y. U P S A 🇬🇭@Quvmie_jhollof

At first I looked like Shatta Wale but after buying Obinim’s sticker and pasting it on my face , 30mins per they now call me King Promise.

Shizzle Manizzle@shizzlem1

Me standii for class prefect, dining hall prefect 3nni S.P. Ne nyinaa yanto amma me. Nanso me t)) Angel Obinim sticker ne bi b)) m’atare3 mu 3standii for blackboard cleaner p3. The whole class 3tu maa me. Yesu y3da wo ase ooo

K. O. Ennin@abrante3kofi

First no, me k) toiret a, me kyem aaaaa hwee mba. One week kraa na mentumi k) tiafin.

Nanso, since a me de obinim sticker tare me to hon, me tan kraa na me ne.

#Supremacy2018 🇬🇭@IamStrokz

So i decided to buy waakye without meat today and pasted Obinim sticker under the plate .
Before ago turn take spoon norr Egg, Wele,Sausage,den Tsofi appear for the food top 😂

NYm_ @NYmanuel_

Guys… the thing is Real Woow!!
Wonders as I placed Angel Obinim sticker on the empty bottle the drink turn full.. 😢😂 🙏

Jon Benjamin


Feel free! What’s most likely to be renovated is Obinim’s bank account, relying on endless, desperate gullibility. https://twitter.com/asaremens/status/981079580390903809 


Early this morning I stake Barca 2x meaning doublechance for 2000gh cedis…the match started nor Sevilla score Barca 2:0. There noor I take my obinim sticker put for the TV 📺 top…in one min the match turn 2-2. Oh God obinim wo y3 Guy wati


Na first i dey pro this girl she always dey bounce me she no dey see my face twice saf, after i use obinim sticker on my mouth for 5 minutes i say hi norr she call me babe 😫😆

Nana Yaw➕🇬🇭@chance1335

Someone said he used to have phone battery problems but as he buy obinim sticker he doesn’t remember the last time he saw his phone charger


I was ugly but when i placed Obinim’s sticker on my forehead,I started looking like Van Vicker.

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