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Nana Nyarko (Nanne) – What 2017 Taught Me!

​Last year was very interesting and part of the foundation to my Book of Life, which whether smooth or rough we walked through it safe and sound and made it to 2018.

Below is what 2017 taught me along the line


If you have never failed in something pray to fail very soon. Failure is the trigger to moving to the next level.

What I love about failure is that it grows your resilience in life. Nothing lasts forever, so you should be prepared for good and bad times.

How you react to failure will determine if you will achieve your dreams. I take failure and hard times as an opportunity.
By failing you learn how NOT to do things.


A plan will keep you focused. Have both a short and long term plan. Stick to it.
One great distraction is doing things that appear to be good.

Good things are not always right, and Right things are not always good.

Plan not only for your Money or wealth, but also health, family and any other things that are dear to you.

Keep examining your plan routinely to avoid distractions.


Commitment is the centre of achieving your visions and dreams.

Nothing comes easy. You have to push, push and even push harder.

If it could be easy, everyone could be rich and living their dreams. But 80% of the world doesn’t, don’t be one.


Everyday you should do something that brings you closer to your dream.

It might be reading a book, taking a new class on a certain concept, attending a seminar or listening to a podcast (visiting my blog and reading my articles… Of course!) .

The little things that you do matter so much in the long run.
Save a little from what you spend on unnecessary things and channel it to what matters.


What company do you spend most of the time with?

I love using the example of an Eagle. It’s the best bird to study when polishing your character.

It does not flock with other birds. If anything if you find it with another bird, it must also be an eagle.

If you spend time with 9 unfocused people you are the tenth.

This may sound light, but never find yourself to be the smartest in a group. It may be fun but very damaging in the long run.
This is what propelled ‘some’ of  my success last year.

Consider this as you write your 2018 plans and trust me you will be smiling come 2019😊!


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