‘My New Nigerian Boyfriend Has The Biggest D!ck’ – Princess Shyngle Brags

We all know Princess Shyngle is one candid hot b*tch who says and does whatever she likes notwithstanding what people might think.

On Val’s Day, the actress shared a photo of a sleek G-Wagon Brabus car her Nigerian boyfriend bought for her. The guys was later identified as Kevin 2 Much, a Nigerian artiste.

She subsequently released a half naked video of herself which showed that she banged the guy really hard before he parted away wit the car.

Today, she’s singing her guy’s praises on social media for having the biggest d!ck she has ever seen, adding that she intends to throw away all her sex toys away.

Princess revealed this is an answer to a question a fan asked her on during her Question & Answer session on social media.


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