Moesha Boduong is ‘shallow minded’ – Sammy Forson

Radio Host, Sammy Forson has called on “all the hard working Ghanaian women in high ranking positions” to condemn the “shallow mindedness” espoused by Socialite, Moesha Boduong.

In an interview released late Wednesday, Boduong revealed she sleeps with a married man to take care of herself, and suggested that a lot of young women in Ghana do the same.

Forson, irked by the statement issued the call on Twitter, and mentioned some-high profiled Ghanaian women.

Read our report below.

Socialite Moesha Boduong has revealed she sleeps with a married man to take care of herself.

She told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, it’s tough for young women in Ghana’s difficult economy. Boduong cited the example of landlords asking for two years rent in advance.

“In Ghana our economy is such a way that you need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here. Because even when you want to get an apartment, in Ghana they take two years’ advance and I just started working where will I get money to pay?”revealed Boduong.

”because he can afford to take care of you. He takes care of me, my financials, my apartment, my car, my rent everything.“

The interview is a part of ‘Sex & Love Around The World,‘ an original series by CNN, and hosted by Amanpour.

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To all the hard working Ghanaian women in high ranking positions, I think it’s about time you condemn this shallow mindedness 🙆🏿🙆🏿 .. @girlplaystore @yvonnenelsongh @TheAnitaErskine @lydiaforson @yvonneokoro @confihaugen @Naa_Ashorkor @delayghana 


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The “Real Boss ladies” are too busy running businesses, acquiring new knowledge and grinding to be flexing on social media.. Social media is delusional. Ground your life in reality.. Find your purpose and align with it… Be ambitious yet content..


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