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Meet the first elected TESCON (Female) President of GTUC

The Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) Accra Campus over the week elected it’s first female President to lead the Intellectual wing of the governing party into election 2020.

Josephine Opoku-Cooke known simply by her peers as Phina a Bsc Management student pulled 86 and her opponent got a paltry 16 votes to become the institution’s first female democratically elected President.

Before assuming the highest post as president, Phina had previously Served as Women’s Commissioner for GTUC TESCON 2018/2019 academic year. She also served the party in many other voluntary roles where she helped with communications at student levels to increase the numbers of TESCON membership. 

She has gathered experience as WOCOM and this will propel her to higher heights as President.She said after her landslide victory “I have learnt a lot of lessons which prepared me greatly for this role. The success and the failures all made sure, I see the opportunities in what we can represent as a student political body”.

My message was simple and I believe is the reason for my Landslide Victory…. It was all about how Pragmatic we can be as student political body… Something which is centered on the people.

1. Building a Formidable Tescon
2. Establishing a Communication bureau
3. Facilitating the establishment of Tescon Leadership Caucus
4. Scholarship Facilitating programs 

These are all ideas which makes the members the focal point of the agenda. I believe at the end we can look back and appreciate how good things will turn out. It is time to serve.

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