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Bra "LASH"

Meet Lash Pixel – The photography expert whose camera clicks are passion inspired

There comes a time when one needs to choose among passion and education but when both are combined, you seriously don’t wonna imagine the end product!

He got the passion, he is talented and he has learnt all the tricks & tips in modern photography.

He no longer sees photography as just clicking the button of cameras, he sees photography as a science, coupled with art, application and practice of creating durable, heartwarming, and mouth licking images by recording and creating of light falling on a light-sensitive surface and means of an image sensor.

Emmanuel “LASH” Asaber, is a fashion, portrait, beauty and boudoir Ghanaian based photographer.

The passion, dedication & originality in bringing quality and beautiful artistic pictures from lenses and light is always the desired outcome depicted in the works of Lash Pixels Photography. That is the brand that uses simple technique to execute complex ideas from the creative side of a genius who pays dear & serious attention to every detail, light & composition in his images.

He officially launches his much anticipated website which has been making rumors for awhile now on Saturday, the 9th of June, 2018.

                                                                            Sneak-Peek of the much awaited website of Lash Pixels


The website will feature most of his never seen artistic photography and models from all walks of life across Ghana.

This website will not only be a Gallery but might likewise serve as a tool guide for both young, old and beginner photographers who wish to learn and expand their photography horizon.


                                                                                                      An Iconic Piece from Lash Pixels


You can’t afford to miss this iconic launching when the site finally goes live on Saturday!



If photography is not a passion the end product will purely be evidence“.

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