Medikal Disses Pappy Kojo In New Rap Song, PK and Buddy, Akiti Wrowro Responded

AMG Medikal, member of AMG Beyond Kontrol, has dropped a rap diss titled To Whom It May Concern to Ghanaian rappers.

In one of the lines in his song, he said; “e be too easy to blow but can you stay consistent, k) bisa (go ask) Pappy Kojo how far with system”.

This takes us back to 2014/15 where Pappy Kojo was great in the Ghana Music Industry, and from 2016, Pappy Kojo was no longer seen in the music scene.

Here, Medikal is bragging about his consistency in the music industry which Pappy Kojo failed.

This jab to Pappy Kojo didn’t go well with him and his friend Akiti Wrowro at all, therefore they expressed their feeling in a Twitter post.

Pappy Kojo tweeted:

“Oh oh efie mbosam, Holy Ghost Fire u all, I love Medikal , whatever the problem be in Jesus name we go solve am, but I tot Ibi him vs Kwesi Arthur oh or ? Twitter won twe.”

Akiti Wrowro seems very angry at Medikal, he also tweeted;

No artist fit fuck plus ma lil bro @PAPPYKOJO cos I go make e just over u .. wontwe nigga put me on .. love you bruh ❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Any studio for London here? I for record ASAP , make any producer link up, even Ridy I go pass tru…. wontwe


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