LISTENUP: Pope Skinny features Trigmatic and Captain Planet on #ObinimSticker

Pope Skinny has featured Trigmatic and Captain on his latest effort titled Obinim Sticker.

The record produced by Beatboss Tims was inspired by the recent #ObinimSticker comments on social media.


The Obinim Sticker Challenge is trending on Social media and some Ghanaians have jumped on the challenge to share hilarious testimonies of the ‘infamous’ Obinim sticker.

So what’s this Obinim Stickers all about?

Some audios were trending on Whatsapp, and in the audio, some members of the church were giving testimonies about the wonders the Obinim stickers have done for them.

Some of the testimonies were ridiculous, which explains why some Ghanaians have jumped unto to what we’ve come to know as the #ObinimStickerChallenge.


Check out the song below:


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