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Larry Soffer, a world acclaimed magician to stun audience at 2018 MMC Live

Larry Soffer, a world renowned magician and illusionist has expressed his excitement to perform at Global Media Alliance’s Music Magic and Comedy (MMC Live) show this year.

Larry is a popular live show and corporate event performer, who inspires his audience to believe to see rather than seeing to believe. In doing this he usually challenges them to see new possibilities by believing in the impossible and thereby creating their own dreams.

The South African Mentalist in a phone interview (because he is not yet in Ghana) made very important comments on building talents and the realization of dreams.

According to him, each individual has a unique talent that links him or her to the realization of their future ambitions. “We only complement these talents with the many activities we undertake around as we progress in life. It is important we nurture these talents into maturity to help us get to our destinations”, he said.

“I believe in us doing great and marvelous things beyond this continent, and I stand to support any initiatives that seek to promote young African talents”, he added.

He observed that Africa has numerous talents that can be developed to balance other development activities on the continent.

Born on 25 October 1982 in Cape Town, South Africa, Larry Soffer revealed that he had always dreamt of becoming an international star in the field of magic and mentalism. He said he derived his inspiration from the likes of David Copperfield (American magician) since he was a teenager.

He further shared that the discovery of a numerological order of the letters of his name meaning, ‘The Magician’ also motivated him to succeed. “At a point in life I knew my actions were aligned with what I really want to do and where I want to find myself in future so I took nothing for granted when I enrolled at the College of Magic in Cape Town”, he added.

Larry’s performances started in the early stages of his life. He had the opportunity to perform at corporate and private events including the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. He also picked up several National and Provincial Championships such as the SARMOTI (Siegfried and Roy Masters of the Impossible) Grant by Las Vegas Magicians, Siegfried and Roy.

Speaking on some of his acts Larry admitted he could bring old broken watches back to life, bend spoons & forks and even make peoples’ cars cut out on the highways.

In expectation for more of his wonderful acts, this exciting show is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 21st at the National Theatre in Accra.

The show will also witness performances from Samini, King Promise, DKB, Jacinta and many more.

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