Kids under 10 craving alcoholic beverages due to adverts

The Head of Communications at the Food and Drugs Authority [FDA], James Lartey, has expressed concern about the negative effects of advertisement of alcoholic beverages on children, who are now craving for such products.

According to him, the situation where very young children have messages on alcoholic products deeply printed on their minds is worrying.

Mr. Lartey said the FDA’s recent directive to have adverts on such beverages on the airwaves done only after 8:00 pm, was basically to protect children. He however said some media houses are not cooperating with the FDA in that regard.

He expressed these concerns at Cape Coast on Friday, during an interactive engagement with media houses in the Central Region.

He further made reference to another six-year-old boy who asked the father to buy him that same alcoholic beverage because he has seen it advertised on TV.


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