Jawuley Arts Festival Slated for April 19 and 20 at Namase, Sekondi.

Takoradi and the Western region is experiencing wonderful events upsurge, December through to March 2019 was fully packed with activities ranging from arts to music and culture. 

Made in Taadi Concert, MTN West-side Carnival, Empire Taadifest, AsaBaako Festival, just to mention a few.

The talked about now is the Jawuley Art Festival, Jawuley Arts Festival Slated for April 19 and 20 at Namase (Under the fish) , Close to the famous Komfo Ase, Sekondi.  

Renaissance Photography; Clickshot and Atta Panyin.
Sekondi Native, Photography: clickshot And Atta Panyin.

Sekondi, older and larger of the Twin cities of Sekondi-Takoradi, was the site of Dutch Fort Orange (1642) and has a lot of historical and tourist sites to be tapped into.

Jawuley Arts Festival seeks to bring artist from the region together to explore the tourism benefits of the city.

Coming from the stables of Clickshot and the Jawuley Crew, Jawuley Arts Festival will combine arts, fashion and music to tell the story of Sekondi.

Its a 2 day event starting from 19-20 April, 2019. Activities are as follows:

  1. Graffiti Display (live )
  2. Live Painting.
  3. Fashion Display unaware (live)
  4. Painting works/ canvas display.
  5. Masquerade display both old and new dress.
  6. Local Drink Stands.
  7. Cultural Display (Portraying Slave Trade)
  8. Photo walk for all photographers
  9. Music 
  10. Skating/ Bicycle Riding

The Photography will center on renaissance arts. Thus Portraying the rebirth of arts in Sekondi-Takoradi as whole.

The festival also features, Ian Quhachi and other artist who  will do a lot of live arts and graffiti paintings.  Awensem and other fashion houses will also dazzle the festival with their creative apparels.

Renaissance Photography; Clickshot and Atta Panyin.
Renaissance Photography; Clickshot and Atta Panyin.

Sekondi Namase (Under the fish) will be sparked with colorful art works, fancy attires and culture display, soaked in good music.

Grab your Tshirts at GHc 20 to Support.

For More Information Contact:(233) 505359560 or (233) 575685754

Photo credit: Clickshot And Atta Panyin

CREDIT: Derek Ato Sey


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