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iCode Presents: ICT FOR THE KIDS

Information and Communication Technology is now a mature part of our daily lives. Once restricted to higher cycle educations as “computer studies”, ICT is now taught even to children in elementary classes, But to compare ICT with “computer studies” is misleading. In ICT, the technology aspect is the least important.

Growing up in a technological environment means that children need to have opportunities to experience and develop skills in its use that will help them make the most of adult life (and possibly have a business of their own with it). Contrary to what we often think, ICT isn’t simply about computers but includes anything that requires the input of instructions to produce specific outcomes.

Technology changes over time, but the concepts of handling data and converting data into information are fairly constant and this is reflected in the terminology of the program of study. Terms like “email” and “database” appear only as examples – the main headings are “finding things out”, “developing ideas and making things happen”, “exchanging and sharing information” and “reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses”.

Many Institutions in the Western Region has been trying had to bridge the cap in the IT field and this has over the years helped the Region to see hand full of Tech related institutions like the Universities – GTUC Takoradi Campus, QTS, UMAT – Tarkwa, ITS, and others doing in dept IT courses and promoting technological studies within the Region.

The Late Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple Inc.) once said, “Everybody in this country (world) should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” This statement is not only true for Americans, the country he was referring to, but also for and to the entire world, for those willing to make an impact and be relevant in the current globalized world.
This is why iCode believe the world being seen as a global village now and one of the common thing to learn to enable our survival is the ICT.

Part of iCode’s motive is to prepare the people of various communities in the Western Region especially the younger ones to be relevant and make not only societal impact but also a national and if possible a global impact as well and that is why ICT for Kids program has been introduced to elevate the creativeness and the abilities of the kids in our communities within the Western Region. These kids will be taught how to use various Software for a particular task and given opportunities to do so will also help them in their thinking abilities as well.

The ICT for Kids program is a program to train Kids and make Future IT Geniuses from the Scratch and is Proudly organized by iCode, a Tech Hub in Takoradi to train children not only to understand IT but to also use it in building, creating and solving a local solution and if possible global with their knowledge. iCode, through its mentorship program, will be grooming these younger ones in ICT to be able to master the Tech field and other relevant programs for computer users. The basic is for them to understand ICT and be able to develop interesting programs (Software) or build friendly technological concepts for for educational purpose.

Whatever stage of learning your child is at, ICT can help motivate, stimulate or if necessary, re-engage them. Challenging tasks become more manageable and mundane activities more accessible.
This would be a great opportunity for our future leaders and they need to grab it and enroll themselves because technology keeps advancing.


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