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GTUC Students across the Country prevented from writing end of semester Exams

Students of Ghana Technology University College all over the Country, had their exams canceled and even in those in Accra – main campus had their distributed scripts taken from them this morning around 8:45 am, with just about 15 minutes to starting the exams.

An official notice signed by the interim management committee was released to confirm the postponement of the exams to probably next week Monday, 23rd April 2018 (not all that confirmed) without giving reasons behind the sudden change.

According to a few level 200 students our source chanced on and spoke with, confirmed that the unfortunate incidence took place at around 8:45 am today, 16th April 2018. They were seated and question papers were distributed by some of the Teaching Assistants as usual. Just after that, some lecturers walked in to ask that the papers to be collected back and students were asked to walk out of the exams hall.

To the dismay of students, not knowing what was actually happening, they began to express their frustrations to one another as they gathered at the forecourt of the university.

A level 300 student told us that, a letter was circulating in their WhatsApp groups, stating that certain demands by lecturers be met by the school authorities else lecturers were not going to submit their exams scripts. We got hold of the said letter, dated 9th April and signed by Mr. Appiah Kubi, a senior lecturer of the Faculty of computing and information systems of the university.

Another level 300 evening student who happened to be studying for a paper he would have been writing tomorrow, expressed utmost anger and complained of the shambolic state of the university over the last 2 years. He said academic calendars and mid-semester timetables were always never adhered to by authorities and lecturers which tend to affect their schedule since they happen to work and school. He lamented how he had to struggle to pay Ghc1912 this semester yet had about 40% of lectures canceled, hence the course topics not completed by most of the lecturers.

Meanwhile, the Student Representative Council (SRC) also refused to comment on the issue till the school authorities provide them with an official letter to explain their decision. But they have assured us to open up of any clarifications or updates that will come up with regards to reasons behind this unfortunate incident.

N/B: Situation in Takoradi and other campuses in the country is no different from this issue.



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