Ghanaian Rapper EL eyes 2019 Grammy Awards

It’s the dream of musicians and people in the creative arts industry to see their works given recognition on the International stage because there is honor and it opens several doors to greatness.

One of such prestigious awards is the GRAMMY Awards that recognizes people in the music industry for their exploits with music. The prestige that winning this award brings makes it the heart desire of many musicians.

One Ghanaian artiste who nurses the dream of winning the GRAMMY Awards next year is rapper EL.

According to him, he will invest more work into his art this year in order to get him that prestigious award.

The rapper who disclosed this dream in a tweet said: “Grammy Dreams Promise to Go harder 2018”.

The 2018 edition of the Grammy Awards was held on Sunday, January 28 where people who had excelled with their music were acknowledged for the good work done.


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