Ghanaian Female Celebrities Allegedly Infected With HIV By Livingstone Abani

Yesterday, we saw a new snapchat blogger by name ‘fatpu$$y005’ now “Karma Is A Bitch Called Fatpuss” releasing series of secrets about most of our female celebrities.

Moesha & Livingstone Abani started to make a trend after the controversial blogger revealed that the latter had infested the former with an HIV.

The lady claimed Moesha Boduong was given GHS10,000 the very first time she had unprotected se*x with Mr. Aik Livingstone Abani. But she has since had several unprotected se*x including orgies and anal threesomes with the man and his friends.

Moesha few hours later came out to deny the rumors stating that it is just borne out of hatred and jealousy.

In a new development by the same blogger, she has named several celebrities who are allegedly had s*x with Mr. Abani and subsequently infecting them with HIV.

Anita Akuffo, Tracy Mireku and Juliet Ibrahim are the new names on the list.



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