Ghanaian actress appeals for funds for ailing 5-year-old girl

Ghallywood actress, Khareema Aguair hopes to be a lifesaver as she champions a campaign to save the life of an ailing girl child, Simon Esther, in Kumasi.

The actress is seen in a video posted on her Facebook timeline, narrating how she was drawn to young Esther and her mother when she chanced on them at Old Barrier.

Khareema pleaded to the general public to assist her by making donations to ensure that Esther gets the needed treatment.

This is her condition right now. This is how she feeds. It is very sad. So I think we should find ways and means of supporting this little girl. She needs GH¢15,000 for the surgery at Okomfo Anoky,” she said.

5-year-old Simon Esther has been diagnosed with corrosive oesophageal stricture making it impossible to feed through her throat and has to undergo a surgery, colon bypass, to rectify her condition.

Per interactions with Esther’s mother, the young girl mistook caustic soda for a harmless liquid and drank it, resulting in her current condition.

In order to feed, a tube has been inserted into her stomach via her abdominal wall. It is reported that Esther has been battling the condition for nearly four years.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Khareema Aguair vowed not to rest till young Esther is able to ‘eat through her mouth again’.

She has made strides in her philanthropic pursuits, having gathered quite a number of donations by benevolent citizens.


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