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Get on Google’s Payroll (AdSense) in less than 24 hours!

Every bloggers dream is to be recognized by Google and be on their payroll (Google Adsense) lol, but a lot of young bloggers always get denied and to some extent get themselves blocked after several times of applications. It’s very frustrating (I know right) and other fellow bloggers tend to even give up. Of course, there are several other ad networks available online (Which we can share with you when you contact us or leave a comment blow). Why then is everyone after Google Adsense?

It’s simple, Adsense proves to be the best ad network around at the moment with great income for bloggers and website owners as such, adsense approval is a Major key.

In Ghana and other African countries, getting adsense approval is a like getting access to everlasting life. Google will always turn you down regardless of how many times you apply, how rich your contents are, how good your traffic is and so on (It’s crazy right???, ik…lol).

What if #teamKuulvibes tells you we can save you from your troubles and nightmares, what if we provide you with a step by step guide to a simple and fastest way of getting your approval in less than 24 hours.

Yes, you read well, less than a day…

Relax and Lets us take you through these stuff now:

Basic Requirement Needed to Meet Before Applying With the Approach (very necessary) 

  • Get rid of other ad networks before applying : Google doesn’t like opposition and in relation to business no one likes it either. To avoid your probabilities of getting approved, remove all third party ad networks from your blog or website and make your site ads free. In case you want to get an edge above on the way to get adsense approval fast, then please discard every third party commercials out of your internet site earlier than making use of.
  • Upload quality contents : To pass,we recommend you add 20 contents in your blog with each containing at the very least 1000 words; though you may use every other niche but i strongly suggest health niche. If you don’t have a health niche too, no problem go ahead and apply. After finishing this phase, your probabilities of having adsense approved is 99.9%. Again, check for plagiarism in articles, very important. No copy and paste stuffs. Re-write articles you may have seen from other sites to avoid plagiarism (very necessary).
  • MORE TRAFFIC! : After posting the contents to your website it is time visitors comes into movement. Although, there are claims that adsense doesn’t remember visitors as a issue for approval, we have applied and got authorized with other websites with less visitors, but going ahead without traffic may delay your approval. Though we are yet to affirm if adsense approval doesn’t want site visitors, however, if you need to be approved inside 10 – 24 hours then you definitely want desirable site visitors. A good quantity is among 500 views to 3000 views.
  • Setup these important pages :
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms and conditions Page


Now, lets get to the reason you came to this site lol. We will apply for adsense and get approved using US/UK as our location. Well That’s all the trick and or magic.

Up till now, we still can’t figure out why Google has restrictions on some African countries as Ghana and Nigeria among others are always rejected.

STEP 1: Download and Install current version of opera Mini browser from anywhere (another key factor). Turn on the VPN (to do so, go to opera browser setting, click Privacy and Security, then enable VPN. After that, the VPN icon will show (in blue) at the top left of the URL field) before accessing gmail. .

STEP 2: Open gmail.com and Create a new Gmail Account. Your VPN must still be on throughout the process. Fill the form but don’t fill mobile number and current email address sections. If you have to verify your account, you can go ahead and use your local phone number with your country code. If you are having issues here, just turn off the VPN and create a new gmail account locally before going ahead to turn it on with the next process.

STEP 3: After verifying your gmail account, open a new  tab, open adsense.com and sign up for a new google adsense account. Fill the form as you see. In our case, we select USA/UK. Go ahead and accept terms, then create account.

STEP 4 : Fill out payment information with account type and your address with your actual and real telephone number). In case you’re making use of for a foreign google adsense account, like we are doing, then we will need an foreign address (should in case you need one, don’t hesitate to vibe with us).

STEP 5 : Verify your phone number. This stage is very important to ensure your payment data is correct. You could opt to verify through receiving an SMS or automated telephone call containing your unique verification code.

STEP 5 : Now, connect your blog or site to the Adsense by pasting the code you will get from Adsense into your <head> tag of your blog/site or check on How to Insert Google Adsense Verification code. Don’t forget to save the changes you have done in the codes. Click done to complete the process.


Google Adsense team will send you a confirmation email in less than 24 hours for approval if you did everything right. Again don’t forget to turn on the VPN all through the process, using Opera mini browser.

We hope you love this article and also helps you in your way of getting on Google’s payroll or adsense approval. Feel free to comment with any issues. Do not forget to share the Good News.





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