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Gasmilla a Freemason?

Earlier today on one of the morning shows on Atinka Television the popular Ga singer and Fishermen Record hit maker Gasmilla born with the name Odartei Milla Lamptey was on the show as the the guest artist (Upclose with Gasmilla) and also to promote his new song.

It was indeed a lively interview at all standard but what caught most of us our attention the most was his branded top, which was with the inscription GA and Proud but the GA which was actually the topic of discussion was designed with a Masonic symbol ( /G\ and Proud).

When Gasamilla was questioned by the host of the show about the inscription in his attire he explained it as a trendy designer wear by his designer which is being sold out there to all proud Ga people but seriously we must say that wouldn’t be a good explanation to some of us who are travellers since the Compass and Square means a lot to us.

Now, the questions and concerns raised are, is Gasmilla actually a freemason and a true one for that matter or a wonna be Mason, or is he just pulling one of the publicity/ popularity stunts just to gain attention and as a matter of fact promote his new song or it’s truly a trendy wear making waves in Ga and all over Ghana as he claimed.

As at now we don’t have any Information as to whether the Freemason Fraternity will release an official statement regarding the use of their Symbol or possibly question him (Gasmilla) and his designer as to the motive behind the design and if that happens you know we will surely get you the vibe right here on Kuulvibes.com.

But until then, if you know where we can get some buy don’t forget to link us up !😊

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