Fontomfrom Amandze Awards Launched To Celebrate Community Excellence In Takoradi

Fontomfrom Amandze Awards, an award scheme from the stables of Fontomfrom Empire was launched this week on the 10th July,2019 at the Grace Angel Conference Room,Takoradi.

The scheme is to appreciate the works of various individuals and organisations in the society that are impacting lives in the community hence its name “Amandze”.

This will include individuals,organisations and companies that are helping with developmental works in the society. Also people from the media who are impacting their communities are not left out.

The launch was witnessed by media personnel from the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis as the CEO of Fontomfrom Empire,Eva Sheita Kuma took the stage to explain the road map and categories of the awards, after the chairman Mr.Abbas has accepted his position to be the chair.

Below are the award Categories:

Award Categories

CSR Company (Boafo Ye Na)

Humanitarian organisation (Woforo Dua Pa)

Community Hero (Okodie Mmore)

Most Influential Youth (Akoma)

Best Photo Journalist /Documentary/ Feature Film (Nkyinkyim)(Mframadan)

True Leadership (Adinkrahene)

Women Empowerment ( Menso Wo kenten)

Best Volunteer Group (Mberedane)

Talent Development (Ntease)

Innovation (Nyansapo)

Media House Involved In Humanitarian Works (Kuronti Ne Akwamu)

Radio Development Program (Nsaa)

Fontomfrom Amandze awards nominations is set to begin as soon as possible with the awards website on Monday.

The public or anyone can pick up a form and nominate himself/herself , his/her organisation or nominate any person or organisation who deserves to be awarded.

According to the scheme’s organizers, Fontomfrom Amandze Awards will be purely an Academy type of awards, with a Jury and an Academy to research into the works of nominees.

Amandze Awards will be purely an Academy type of awards, with a Jury and an academy to research into the works of nominees-Eva Sheita

The icing on the cake for the Launching was the unveiling of the Plaque of the Awards.

Fontomfrom Amandze Awards will be held on September.

Twitter:  @FontomfromE 


SOURCE: Derek Ato Sey


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