Epelle-le 2018: Who wins French version of Spelling Bee?

The third edition of French spelling competition similar to the Spelling Bee, Epelle-le, comes off this Saturday at the Merton International School at Ridge in Accra.

The novel initiative is entirely run in French – from the training to the finals – and has been framed to provide more visibility on the importance of learning French in a country surrounded by Francophone countries.

The first edition of Epelle-le was organized in 2016 by Young Educators Foundation, organizers of the Spelling Bee.

This year, the 120 participants from nine schools in Accra and Tema will compete for a chance to be crowned the winner of the Epelle-le competition.

The winner walks away with a trophy, cash prize and books.

In 2017, Panyin Achiampong of Ecole Ronsard won the second edition of Epelle-le while Phoebe Odei of North Ridge Lyceum was the winner of the maiden edition.

Epelle-le 2018 is supported by Indomie Instant Noodles.


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